ADS-7 Discontinued !

ADS-7 — is an analog drum synthesizer inspired by the drum machines/synthesizers of the 70s-80s with a built-in 32-step sequencer and MIDI control. It has 65 controls, 4 switches and 28 buttons with which you can have a wide control over the sound parameters, sequencer and MIDI. It has individual audio outputs and individual trigger inputs for each of the seven sounds.

Assembled in Moscow/Russia using discrete components and OTA chips.


ADS-7 front


  •  Fully analog, discreet components;
  • 7 individual sound channels: BD, Clap, OH/CH (choking on/off function), 3 separate Generators (GEN) with Band-pass and Low-pass filter options;
  • 65 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options: from standard noise to metallic tones;
  • 16/32 step analog sequencer;
  • Ability to clock external gear with the sequencer;
  • Up to 32 steps preset loading/saving slots;
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out;
  • 3.5 mm individual triggers;
  • Stereo/individual 6.3 mm outputs for each sound plus 1 trigger out;
  • Steel casing;
  • Dimensions: L330xW250xH140 mm;
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (without power supply);
  • 15 VAC 220v power supply (included).




Including registered shipping to Europe/UK, US/Canada.
For other locations please email us for a quote.
The price may change from batch to batch but not considerably.
Please note: we are shipping from Russia. Import customs and tax charges may apply, so please check before ordering.

In order to make a purchase please email us.
We will put you on the wish-list and will notify about the purchase availability/timing based on the que.

You do not have to make any advanced payments. We will ask for it only when the units are assembled and ready to be passed to the shipping. If you wont be able to purchase it, we will move to the next person in the que.

All units are hand assembled and tested with an approximate rate of x2-3 units per week, so asking to please be patient.

Thank you for the support!




REVIEW of ADS-7 made by

Test_ AVP Synth ADS-7 - AMAZONA

















REVIEW of ADS-7 made by




Official demo1:


Official demo2:


ADS-7 Analog Drum Synthesizer direct mix out through a spring reverb into a soundcard.
No external sequencing, all coming from ADS-7 sequencer. Switching between pre-programmed patterns and tweaking away. Panning also done from the unit itself.




IMGP9448 copyIMGP9449 copy























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