POLYRHYTHM Discontinued !

POLYRHYTHM– dual analog filter + phaser box. It has two voltage controlled filters and a low-frequency oscillator made from authentic Soviet components. It has 8 knobs, 5 switches with which you can control the parameters of the sound. Both filters are made of components and circuitry in accordance with well-known Soviet synthesizers, produced in the USSR back in the 1980s.

Method of signal processing: analog;
Voltage Controlled Filters (VCF): two types — POLY (Polivoks filter) and RHYTHM (Ritm-2 filter);
The low frequency oscillator (LFO): one — triangle;
Audio inputs: two — mono jack socket for 6.3mm;
Audio outputs: three — mono jack socket for 6.3mm;
CV inputs: two — mono jack socket for 6.3mm;
Controls: 8 knobs, 5 switches;
Power supply: 12V AC power adapter (supplied);
Plastic black case;
Weight: 1kg;
Dimensions: L13,5 x W18,5 x H5,5 (cm);
Voltage: 220V, voltage transformer is needed if you live in an area with 110V standard!






This video unveils the potential of AVP Synth PolyRhythm — dual analog filters + phaser desktop unit.

PolyRhythm is processing the following hardware synthesizers:
— Korg MS2000 (virtual-analog synthesizer)
— Roland Juno 60 (DCO analog polyphonic synthesizer)
— Korg Mono/Poly (VCO analog monophonic synthesizer)

Recording is done in Mono, 24 bit/48000hz recorded directly into a soundcard.
No effects, compression or EQ was applied.
Note: please check your volume settings before listening as it is quite loud. It is made to capture the whole frequency spectrum of the PolyRhythm.



A short multitrack of two Korg MS2000 sequences processed through PolyRhythm:



Audio clips of the PolyRhythm processing our ADB-5 — Analog Drum Box:



A track made by one of our customers, where Roland TB-303, drums and strings are being processed using the PolyRhythm:






















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