MAD-5 mk2 Discontinued !

MAD-5 mk2 is an analog drum synthesizer which is inspired by the sounds of the 20th century soviet drum machines while having the flexibility, MIDI control and compact package of the 21st century. It consists of 22 knobs and 1 button which allows you to manipulate/control the sound and midi. It also has individual outputs for each of the five drum instruments so you can easily rout and process them separately with your external effects especially in a live configuration.


MAD-5 mk2_s1


— The method of synthesis: 100% analog synthesis;
— Drum instruments: 5 — bass drum (BD), snare drum (SD), open hat (OH), close hat (CH), clap (CL);
— MIDI interface: MIDI IN — 16 channels (MIDI learn), MIDI THRU;
— Audio outputs: one mix output (mono 6.3mm jack) and five individual outputs (mono 6.3mm jack);
— Trigger inputs: 5 trigger inputs for every drum instrument (mono 3.5mm jack);
— Controls: 22 knobs and 1 button;
— External power supply: adapter 15 VAC (included)*
— Steel case;
— Dimensions: L190хW162хH91 mm;
— Weight: 1.26 kg.




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Just some of the feedbacks we received on our Facebook page from MAD-5 users:

5* «Purchased the MAD-5 drum machine and I couldn’t be happier with it. Wonderful product with amazing analog sounds perfect for what I make (cold/darkwave, minimalist synth). The price for the quality cannot be beat. Amazing customer service too, they really care about their product and customers»

5* «i prefer the mad-5 over the Vermona DRM-1. that says enough i guess. that phat kick wide range snare those crisp groovy hi hats and a clap you can slap someone face off with that get one while you can, you won’t regret it i promise you. also very very friendly people who care about they’re costumers»

5* «I’ve bought a MAD-5 Drumsynth a few months ago, and all I can say is that I’m not disappointed ! It has its own acoustic identity and a lot of dynamic range. I use it to make techno music and I recommend it!»



REVIEW of MAD-5 made by























Official demo (in the video you can view the previous MAD-5 version — difference with mk2 is a steel casing, MIDI THRU and added trigger inputs):


AVP Synth MAD-5 MK2 — review & sound demo:


AVP Synth MAD-5 through a spring reverb:


One of our user’s video:


Triggered via Ableton along with Ritm-2 synthesizer:


The Horrorist jamming with MAD-5:


This EP has been recorded using only MAD-5 for all the drums/percussion parts and a midied analog soviet synthesizer named Ritm-2 for all the synth lines multitracked in DAW using a few external effects. No EQ nor compression has been applied to the MAD parts.






MAD-5 mk2_s5MAD-5 mk2_s4MAD-5 mk2_s3MAD-5 mk2_s2MAD-5 mk2_s6































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