ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer (with 16 Track MIDI sequencer)

  • Fully analog, discreet components;
  • 7 individual sound channels: Bass Drum (BD), Clap (CL), Open Hat (OH) and Closed Hat (CH) with choking on/off, 3 separate Generators (GEN1,2,3) with Band-pass and Low-pass filter options for creating all kinds of analog tones and fx ranging from bass, toms, snares, noises, zaps, sticks and combined all-together;
  • 65 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options: from standard noise to metallic tones;
  • 16-tracks MIDI sequencer (designed by Bruno Dupeyron )
  • Up to 16 banks with 16 patterns (256 patterns and 16 chains);
  • Ability to load/save 16 Banks, Patterns and Chains;
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out;
  • 3.5 mm individual triggers inputs for each sound;
  • Four 3.5 mm individual trigger outputs to control external devices;
  • Stereo 6.3 mm outputs;
  • Individual 6.3 mm outputs for each sound;
  • Tight steel casing;
  • Dimensions: L324xW246xH90 mm;
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg (without power supply);
  • 15 VAC, 220v euro-type power supply (included).


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ADS-7 mk2 has the same sound as the mk1 version:




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Test_ AVP Synth ADS-7 - AMAZONA



















Official demo1:

Official demo2:

ADS-7 Analog Drum Synthesizer direct mix out through a spring reverb into a soundcard.
No external sequencing, all coming from ADS-7 sequencer. Switching between pre-programmed patterns and tweaking away. Panning also done from the unit itself.