The first batch consists of only x9 units, there will be minor adjustments with the final printing (bypass) and no sawtooth modulation in the phaser section (only triangular).
You can read the Manual for full information.
Approximate availability time — early, mid. January 2018.
You can email us to reserve a unit (get included on the wishlist).


COSMWAVE FX is a multi-effects processor consisting of three separate effects — phaser, delay and flanger, which can be used separately as well as combined in this order: Phaser -> Flanger -> Delay.

Each unit is hand-assembled in Moscow, Russia.


Cosmwave FX front

  • Analog phaser, analog flanger and a hybrid analog/digital delay with up to 1 minute of feedback time;
  • Each effect can be used separately INDIVIDUAL as well as in a series MULTI in this order: Phaser -> Flanger -> Delay;
  • Nine 6.3 mm connectors on the back, three for each of the effects — one input and two outputs;
  • Input signals in each of the effects are linear, mono. All effects have a pseudo-stereo output;
  • CV inputs for the MANUAL knob control in the Phaser and Flanger sections;
  • Assembled using discrete components;
  • Durable metal case with wood sides;
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Dimensions: L22xW19xH10 cm
  • 15 VAC euro type adapter included.




469 Euro shipping included to Europe/UK, USA/Canada.
For other locations, please contact us for a quote!

*We are shipping from Moscow, Russia. Import customs and tax charges may apply, so please check prior before ordering the goods.
In order to purchase, please follow to ORDER page.

Manual for full information


Official demo: I, II, III




Cosmwave FX frontCosmwave FX front rearCosmwave FX backCosmwave FX back rear
























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