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Cosmwave FX is a multi-effects processor consisting of three separate effects — phaser, delay and flanger, which can be used separately as well as combined in this order:

Phaser -> Flanger -> Delay.

Each unit is hand-assembled in Moscow, Russia.


  • Analog phaser, analog flanger and a hybrid analog/digital delay with up to 1 minute of feedback time;

  • Each effect can be used separately INDIVIDUAL as well as in a series MULTI in this order: Phaser -> Flanger -> Delay;

  • Nine 6.3 mm connectors on the back, three for each of the effects — one input and two outputs;

  • Input signals in each of the effects are linear, mono. All effects have a pseudo-stereo output;

  • CV inputs for the MANUAL knob control in the Phaser and Flanger sections;

  • Assembled using discrete components;

  • Durable metal case with wood sides;

  • Weight: 2kg;

  • Dimensions: L22xW19xH10 cm;

  • 15 VAC euro type adapter included.


Only x10 units were ever produced

Video/audio of passing some hardware synthesizers and 808 through Cosmwave FX:

Tracks recorded with hardware synthesizers and tr-808 parts using solely Cosmwave FX for phaser, delay and flanger duties.

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